Monday, August 06, 2007

The Waterhouse Art Prize

Went to the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize private viewing.

Some interesting pieces there (clockwise from top left):
"Tasmanian Wedgetail Eagle" by Belinda Kurczok.
"Brad was Too Busy to Notice" by Sharon Raj. I liked this one a lot. I picked the Lichtenstein style straight away. It was only afterwards when I checked on it that I found this was a new representation of Lichtenstein's "Drowning Girl".
"Radiolaria (Thalassicolla Delagica)" by Megan Wilford. This one was in the Sculpture and Objects category and was made of fine glass beads and thread, very fine work. Possibly my favourite although I liked many of the works on display (I gave this one my public choice vote).
And finally, "Double Drummer" by Phil Suter. This impressive moth earned the first prize in the Paintings category.
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shaz said...

Hi Stephen,

I know this post is two years old, but my husband just found it and showed it to me. I'm glad you liked my painting! It was in response to news articles of polar bears drowning due to the effects of global warming.

stephen said...

I'm glad you liked my blog comment(I assume you are the Sharon in question).

I am not a dedicated art fan, but have more than an average interest. Lichtenstein is one of my favourite artists (though I've never seen an original of his).

Even not knowing the specific painting referenced at the time, the style was still so clear it stood out for me.

I was pretty sure of the current message of your painting, it was neat that you tied it to an already existing work.

Have Fun