Friday, January 04, 2008

Yet More Snorkeling - Port Noarlunga 1

Got up as the sun was rising and went for a swim at Seacliff. It was pretty cold and we spent an hour in the water. After that we decided to go to Port Noarlunga and got there mid morning with the tide very low. It was still a bit cool in the water but as the sun came up it became quite pleasant. I swam around the north end to the seaward side of the reef but the sun was on the other side side so it was pretty gloomy there and I went back to the sheltered side. Saw lots of things there, including these: Ceratosoma brevicaudatum, a short tailed nudibranch. One of three I saw on the day.

A lovely little Tasmanian Blenny hiding in a cleft in the reef, Parablennius tasmanius. There seem to be two colour variations in Tasmanian Blennies at Port Noarlunga. A bluish one and a mottled one.

The black fish took me ages to identify, I now think it is a "Scalyfin" Parma victoriae. In most fish books the Scalyfin is shown as a yellowish fish, but they can vary to dark grey/black like this one. The Blue fin margins were particularly striking.

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