Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Helpman Academy Graduate Exhibition

There are a number of free visual arts exhibitions as part of the Adelaide Fringe. At the Torrens Parade Ground Drill Hall the 2008 Helpman Academy Graduate Exhibition is on show.
Some of the items that appealled to me are these: (clockwise from top)
"Connections in White II" by Ebony Adinsall, hand blown glass vessels;
"Electric Environments #2" by Nikki Anderson, modelling items and electric wires;
A part of "Everything you can Think of is True" by Heidi Kenyon, an installation of trimmed Avocado leaves.
One item not shown that I particularly liked was Adele Booth's "The Post Building Project" where Adele placed small found samples of Adelaide buildings in envelopes around the city. Those envelope locations were indicated on a city map.
Some of the envelopes were returned by anaonymous finders by post, these formed part of the display, along with the map.

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