Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First Day in Spain

6/1/0913:00 at the Cafeteria del Prado, Paseo del Prado 16.

At the cafe across the road from the Prado. Today is "El Día de los Reyes". Day of the Kings, Epiphany I think. Because of the holiday the Prado is only open till 14:00 and we decided it wasn't long enough for us to see enough. So Prado tomorrow.

The cafe is a Tapas bar and we tried a few things between us. A quarter of a tortilla, a thick potato and onion omelette eaten cold, not like the flat flour things in the shops in Australia.There was also a fried fish shaped pastry thing and gluey potatoes (empinada). The main dish was 6 meat balls in yellow sauce, "albondigas". Uschi wants to have more of the food on display but is struggling to decide what. Partly due to being a bit ill, maybe because we stayed up till after 01:00 this morning after arriving. She seems to want everything to go perfectly and gets a little high strung when it doesn't.

Now she just forced me to eat "al meja" (clams in a yellow sauce). They looked a lot like cockles. While not as horrible as I imagined they would be, three was enough for me. The sauce (without the clams) on bread was OK though.To finish off we had "Three Kings" cake in honour of the day. It is a yeast bun like a South Australian "torpedo" but with a lemon glaze.We walked through the Retiro Gardens after we had been past the second hand book stalls.

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