Monday, December 28, 2009

First Trip to Ned's Beach

First snorkelling trip to Ned's Beach, the best beach for fish and coral that we have seen so far.
Saw an octopus, similar in size to the large one we saw in Niue. Also saw a Moray (Lord Howe?), Beche de Mer and many different types of fish. There were spangled emperor, Double Headers, 3 Striped Butterfly Fish, McCulloch's Anemone Fish, Scalyfin, Bluefish and Yellowtail. These were all out from the shore a way and in the channel. In the shallows along the beach front were Sand Mullet and Garfish, along with some of the bigger fish.
The fish get used to being fed by tourists and locals and swarm in the knee deep water. I saw Kingfish that were 1.3 to 1.5m long in a foot or so of water.
Today the water was a bit stirred up in places with sediments and broken off sea grasses.
Last night we also visited Ned's in the dark to try to take some photos by moonlight, with the new lens. But it was far too dark. On the way back to the guest house we saw some Mutton Birds, most between the Kentias in the forest but some even sitting in the middle of the road. They were making a lot of noise in the dark, apparently they are noisy all night.
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