Friday, January 01, 2010

Transit Hill and Lagoon Kayaking

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Uschi and I got away to a late walking start at abot 11:00.
In the mild heat we headed up to Transit Hill. A comparatively small climb of 130m. It only took us about ½ hour to get up there even though we are both finding the going quite tough due to our fitness levels.
At the top of Transit Hill is a smallish observation platform with a radio mast. We took some photos from there and stayed about another half hour. After that we headed back, checked Christine was OK and then spent 3 hours kayaking on the lagoon. We first went to Blackburn Island where we beached the kayak. The tide was very low and we snorkelled around to the south west of the island. Maybe half way to Comet's Hole. The fish life here was quite good and some plate corals were every bit as good as the ones the snorkel tour had taken us to.
We could have spent more time there but I wanted to get to Sylph's Hole for Uschi. So we headed over paddling quite hard. After about half an hour we were only ¾ of the way there but had to slow down due to the exposed coral from the low tide. We couldn't get to Sylph's in time to do any snorkelling there so we headed back to the hire shop. We took the long way back, around the Far Rocks. In total we must have covered 3-4km paddling.
I then cooked susages, onions and spuds for tea in the electric frying pan at the guest house.

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