Thursday, May 03, 2012

Out of Dubai

Warm piratha, homous and chana masala is now Uschi’s favourite breakfast. There was also a very nice hard white cheese. The Chana Masala was a curried chick pea (I think), it was quite nice by itself.

The next leg of our trip to Turkey was to leave in the afternoon, so I took a walk around the local area near the hotel. There were lots of bicycles around the place.

By 14:30 we had left hot and dusty Dubai, after a particularly officious customs officer had taken some, but not all, of Uschi’s loose AA camera batteries. About four hours later we were in Istanbul, though it took a little while to get through the formalities there. Finally getting to a nice little hotel at just before 20:00. The hotel was in the old part of town and was called the Hotel Legend. There was a dining room and an open terrace on the roof, though it wasn’t in use when we were there, but it did offer good views of the city.

I woke about 05:00 the next morning and went on the roof of the hotel where I could take pictures of the rooftops of Istanbul in the dark.

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