Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Bit of weirdness

Scrounging around in some old papers yesterday I found this somewhat interesting thing. Waaayyy back in 1974 when I was on holidays in Adelaide I happened to be at Port Adelaide. To alleviate the boredom at the time I found a bottle and wrote the note (on the yellow paper, with spellings mistakes included!). A couple of months later I got the following letter, showing the message had been found on the north coast of Kangaroo Island. A distance of around 160 kilometres (100 miles).

At the time it was interesting enough but didn't seem too significant. Now half a lifetime later and I wonder who Peter was. A quick check of the phone book shows he isn't in the white pages for Warooka, but there is someone else there of the same surname. Also the boat "Para Star" which Peter mentions seems to still be on the maritime register.

The register shows it as a boat built in 1972 and with a home port of Port Adelaide. Maybe I could chase up the current owner, but I think it would be unlikely to be the person who owned it when it was new.

Still, a cause for introspection.

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