Saturday, May 19, 2007

A new adventure begins

Woke up at 0500 this morning and stayed awake until the alarm went off at 0630, then fell asleep again for ½ an hour. Did the final packing and some flat cleaning, before the taxi picked me up at 0750. The driver didn’t know his way to the airport.
I waited around for Uschi and her mum for about 10 minutes then got in the check in line . I let a few families with babies go ahead and at the last minute as I got to the check in desk, Uschi turned up, so I shouted across the hall for her. She and her mum checked straight in and we got a wheel chair for Uschi’s mum. We pushed it straight through security and to the boarding gate, where the plane hadn’t arrived yet.
When it did turn up, 10 minutes late, we, and a family with a baby got on first into row 2. The flight to Sydney was almost exactly 90 minutes then we had to get from domestic arrivals to international departures so we took a taxi.

When we got to the international terminal Uschi's mum scored a wheel chair which had been specially widened for the King of Samoa.
At least that's what the attendant said.

Arty shot while waiting at Sydney
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