Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A ceiling detail at Amini's House
(Above) Imamzadeh Hossein
Lunch at the Eghbali Restaurant in Qazvin

At the restaurant with a tour of German ladies. I am the only male (bar the driver) in a busload of tourists. There are 28 of them, mostly wives of German nationals working in Iran.
I had an entrée of yoghurt, sliced onion and a salad like coleslaw wrapped in a flat bread.
The main course was a smorgasbord of kebabs, ie grilled meats, chicken and lamb. All this was accompanied by rice, a mix of white and saffron coloured. This is the first time I have seen sumac. It was sprinkled on the rice from salt shakers, and gives a sour/soapy taste, unusual but nice. There was also a lamb casserole and a bean stew with vine leaves or spinach. It was all very delicious.
The restaurant has western style soft drinks, which I was interested to find out. Iran isn’t as isolated as I thought it could be. Have so far been to one of the old city wall gates, the old palace (Chehel Sotun) and the Amini's House (Aminiha Hosseinieh), an old 19th century private residence.
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