Sunday, June 10, 2007


Shafts of light coming in through the roof opening for smoke. The walls and roof are covered with soot from the fires lit in open hearths. This caravanserai consists of halls around a courtyard. The courtyard has niches for sleeping in the better weather. The one entranceway was via a steel gateway. Near the gateway stairs went up to the rooves of the halls where there were battlements. There were turrets on all four corners of the caravanserai and rifle loopholes along the battlements. When we visited the caravanserai was being used as a farm building. Some of the halls had been used for animal lodgings (by the smell) and in others were stored old tyres and other farm rubbish. When we were running about like mad tourists it was 49 degrees C. The hottest we experienced in Iran.

Turret viewed from a rifle loophole

The battlements,. The sleeping niches around the courtyard can be seen. The domed rooves are the halls around the courtyard.
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