Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Leaving Tehran for a tour

Waiting at the hold point I saw a medium size passenger jet do a curved approach onto the runway we were on. Scheduled departure was at 0640 and we got away a few minutes later. We flew for about 15 minutes over arid land to the south of Tehran and saw at least two airfields, one near a big salt lake. Shortly after that we did a big S turn to the east of a large town, then over more arable land. The town could have been Qom.At the 30 minute mark we flew over a big city with a sharp ridge to the west. Maybe it was Isfahan.After an hour we turned to the west over a large salt lake with pink salt evapouration pans and let down into Shiraz.

[Saffron sugar for Uschi's early morning coffee at the airport]


After arriving in Shiraz we visited Persepolis. For lunch we went to the Laneh Tavous restaurant. For entrée Uschi had “mast”, another name for yoghurt.

I had Panir (salty/sweet goats cheese) with onions. For mains Uschi had cooked eggplant and I had the normal chicken kebabs with jewel rice. Rice with barberries and a scattering of saffron coloured grains.

Our guide for today is Parviz and the driver is Mansour
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