Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday, a day of sea and sky 1

A long snouted boarfish, Pentaceropsis recurvirostris. Not so commonly seen on the reef and can be confused with the much more common Old Wife. These Boarfish usually live on deeper reefs. This one was hiding under the big chain on the northern half of the reef until a couple of young lads playing on the chain scared it away.

Uschi, looking the part in her new kit :-)

A Blue Devil Fish, Paraplesiops meleagris. Also known as a Western Blue Devil. A commonish fish in deep water off the South Australian coast, but not so common at Port Noarlunga. I caught a glimpse of this one while Uschi and I were looking at a blenny in a hole in the reef. By just waiting on either side of the ledge it was under we eventually saw it come out and I got this picture.

A day of peering under ledges. We decided to get out of the water by swimming back to the shore rather than walk back along the jetty. In water only 2m deep I stumbled across this cuttlefish. After he saw me he did his body distortion trick and blended in very well with the weeds

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jams o donnell said...

Hi Stephen. Thanks for your comment on the Poor Mouth. You are welcome to use my Niue war grave photos.

You may find the top photo in this post interesting too

I look forward to reading your posts about the WWI vets form your area.