Saturday, March 29, 2008


Visited the museum and went for a walk around the city.
Stained Glass in the foyer ceiling.

Moari war canoe.

The Auckland Skytower.

You can pay to jump off it if you like. We went up to the top at 220 m, thencontinued our walk around the city. We had lebanese pizzas and then went to the cinema, but we both fell asleep and missed the end of the film as we had only had about 4 hours sleep each, since leaving Niue.
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Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

G'day Stephen,good on you for documenting Australian war graves.Not enough of this sort of recognition has occured.My name is Tom and I am a fellow Aussie.Could I use some of your photos as the basis for artworks?If you agree I will e-mail the results back to you...Thanks Tom Hardy Dapto NSW

stephen said...

Sorry I can't email directly back to you.
Some of the pictures I have copied from other sites such as the Australian War Museum and have noted them as such. I don't know what the permissions for copying them are, I assume I am carrying out fair use when I copy and link.
The images of documents are all from the Australian Archives and I believe are in the public domain, so are free for anyone to use, as far as I know.
Any other images are mine and you can use them for artistic purposes if you wish.


Thomas Wentworth Hardy said...

Hi Stephen, I've finnished some of your artworks and posted them on my blog.I've also provided a link to your blog.If you want me to e-mail you the images please provide your e-mail address...Thanks Tom Hardy