Friday, December 26, 2008

My Name Day and Voitsberg

Uschi was a little sick last night which she put down to eating too much. After returning from Max and Giesl's place last night we sat around in Mitzi's kitchen. The H's were playing board games when we turned up. Franziska tried to force more food into us, but we argued her down to a soup only. I was falling asleep where I was sitting in the kitchen. Uschi and I went back to the hotel at about 20:30 and I fell straight to sleep.

As I was sitting here this morning the church bells pealed, for early mass, I suppose. The town is now
covered in a light frosting of snow. The weather forecast for Graz for the next few days is about -5C
and clear, so it should be good sightseeing weather, if somewhat cold. It was -3C here yesterday evening.

Journey to Voitsberg

Uschi and I drove to Voitsberg to see Renate and family. We have to drive past Graz in the longest road
tunnel I have ever been in. Over 10km long.Renate's place is the first floor of an old building with huge, high ceilings. The upper floor is used by others. We had lunch with the family and then in the afternoon we went to look at the local sights.

The park with the fountain of Moses was under snow, with the fountain itself wrapped in plastic. We walked around the snowy park and then went to the Hundertwasser Church. Uschi was very keen to visit that.
Later we went to Piber to see the horses at the Lipizzaner horse stud.
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