Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Passing through Kapfenberg on Silvestertag(!) on our way to Graz. It was -8C at the hotel and -11C at Mitzi's place this morning.
The sun is just coming up in Kapfenberg - everything is cold and misty. The trees on the hill are covered in frost and smoke hangs in the air. Now we have gone through a road tunnel and are on the sunlit side of the hills. No frost here and the world has changed to colour from black and white.
Just passed a cream coloured mini with a crumpled nose against the right hand crash barrier on a sweeping corner. Uschi and all the cars following had to swing out to miss it. Probably they hit ice when cutting the corner.
As we get closer to Graz (15km to go) the weather has gone misty and cool. It was sunny and comparatively warm since we left Kapfenberg.
11:00 Cafe Edegger in Hofgasse.
Christine worked in Graz from age 16 to 19. I had an EsterhasseSchnite while Uschi and Christine had Cheesecake Struedel.
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