Monday, October 31, 2005


Sun, 30 Oct 2005 01:52:33 +0950

Rhee and Sam say they have been bored out of their
brains today, but that didn't take long. We are at
Ziegenhain where the Frankfurt University fly. We were only
on the field for 3 hours and the kids played in the river,
so were amused really.
Ziegenhain is a medieval moated town
so it will be good to explore tomorrow.
There is a party going to be held tonight as it is the end
of the gliding season in Germany, and then we will be
staying at aHeikes's place.
Yesterday we drove from Dresden (after having a good look
around the town) and went to Colditz castle (yes, the actual
prison camp). Sam said it was the best place yet.

I haven't been practicing my German language as much as I should. When in Berlin, most people [except the doctor :-( ] would speak english at the first chance and
I am so lazy I let them. The same is true here at the
Frankfurt Uni Gliding club. All the young members (uni
student types) speak english passably well.

However, in the last few days when we were in Dresden and
especially the area around Colditz, hardly any English was
spoken and I was quite pleased how well I was able to get my
message across. The grammar was probably atrocious but the
trick for communication (as opposed to being grammaticaly
correct, which I am sure Walthraud would prefer!) is to
think a little and string some key words together without
being too hung up on exact correctness (that can come

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