Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Musee de l'Air

Musee de l'Air .
Found the Metro to the Gare Nord easily enough but it was very difficult to find the appropriate bus (350) to get to the Museum. By the third time we found a bus stop with "350" on it where a bus actually stopped 45 minutes had passed. In our confusion we were helped out by a nice Congolese man called Chris Nseka. He was on his way to an interview as an aircraft loader or dispatcher.
When Rhee and I got to LeBourget I bought a few things from a local patisserie. Rhee got a "Perrier Bleu" mineral water. It was peppermint and actually it was vile. Rhee couldn't drink it and after I tried it I could only cope with a few mouthfuls.
LeBourget must have been an impressive airport when it was new, very art deco. I liked it.Posted by Picasa

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