Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mont Matre and Sacre Coeur

Around 0800 I went out and bought a 10E phone recharge and was able to call Sabine, so the phone works even if it costs about 2.5E for a couple of minutes.

The day proper started with the normal confusion. After last nights late finish Reet had asked everyone to be ready to go for the final ticket hurdle at 0900. Of course some of the girls didn’t turn up until after that time and still insisted on making up after breakfast.
We all trooped out to the railway station for the last round of ticket purchase for today’s trip to the Versaille Palace. Unfortuneately Reet’s credit card is unable to be used. There appears to be some limit on withdrawal levels. So, we all leave the railway station and troop back to the back, about 300m, who couldn’t help and advised Reet to go to Thomas Cook. Reet went there alone and apparently it isn’t the card which is the problem, it is the bank! According to Reet.
There aresome very disappointed and angry students, so Reet ran back to Australia to get her husband to follow it up.
No Versaille today!Now we have decided to go to Mont Marte instead. We got to the Metro station Pigalle (I think) at about 1150. All the kids dived into McDonalds. Rhee complained that she was too weak to go on but after a serve of chips then some chicken nuggets she was in good spirits again.

We then all walked down to the Moulin Rouge with comments about the mechandise on display in the sex shops from the students.
I took some photos then we all trooped up the hill to Mont Matre to “see the cathedral”.
We arrived at Mont Matre at about 13:00 and were going to spend 30 minutes there. About 3 hours later we finish up there (skint in my case). Rhiannon bought two paintings
Eventually we got to Sacre Coeur. This cathedral is much cleaner and better looked after that the famous Notre Dame.
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