Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Where we stayed in Paris. The Mije, Les Maisons Internationales de la Jeunese et des Etudiants. Fourcy where Rhee and I stayed for a couple of days till the Trinity Group arrived.
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Jen Merritt said...

Hi there,

I'm considering staying at this hostel when in Paris in October. Do they allow residents access to a kitchen?

stephen said...

it's a nice hostel and in a very central part of Paris (it actually has 3 different, but nearby locations). However, it is aimed mostly at school groups, MIJE translates roughly as House for international young people and students. Although it does cater for non students too.
I stayed there as part of a school group that my son was with, but my daughter and I arrived a couple of days earlier than the school group so we stayed as individuals. First at Fourcy and then with the group at Rue des Barres.
There didn't seem to be any kitchens for peoples use. There is a main restaurant at Fourcy and they gave us breakfast of juice, rolls and hot chocolate at both places.
When my daughter and I were there prior to the school group we just went to the supermarkets and bought bread, cheese etc and had our lunch down by the Seine. We did take food into the rooms and no one seemed to mind, but there weren't any cooking facilities in the rooms we stayed.

Have fun in Paris when you get there, I'll go back at some time when I can. (I had a quick look at your blog) Talk about wanderlust, I am a very sad case too :-)