Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Museum D'Orsay

In a stall/takeaway on R. St Denis which seems to be Lebanese or similar. Uschi has ordered a huge plate of stuffed aubergine with potato and noodles.

We went to the Museum D'Orsay intending to spend the morning there and the afternoon elsewhere. In the end we spent all day at D'Orsay. There were a number of temporary exhibitions, one for Gustave Dore and one on Van Gogh based on an essay written by Antonin Artaud, "Suicided by Society". 

We had lunch in the Cafe Campano, part of the museum complex. Uschi and I had soft drinks and a blue berry tart. The cafe is (obviously) bell themed with a large glass clock face with views over the city. I assume it is the original railway station clock. We later had afternoon tea in the more upmarket restaurant. Just before 18:00 all the visitors were asked to leave the museum. 

After that we caught the Metro to the Galleries Lafayette. Despite the advertising on the free map there didn't seem to be any restaurants for our tea. There was an upmarket supermarket but our intention was to get tea as well as look at the shops. Eventually we left
the galleries and found a small Brasserie called, I think, Le Mondial.

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