Friday, March 14, 2014


On thursday evening we went to the Pompidou Centre, which was open late, however, what they didn't tell us was the art gallery part was not included. Fortunately we got our tickets transferred to the next day and were able to spend quite a long time there in the afternoon.

The first thing we did though, was take a walk along R. St.Denis from the Hotel Tiquetonne to Gare de l'Est. We had a lovely breakfast of bread rolls and cheese sitting in a nameless park at the end of R. Marie Stewart. Afterwards when we were part way up R St. Denis we shared a couple of excellent cakes.

At the end of R. St. Denis, which used to be the pilgrimage way, is the church of St Laurent, which we spent some time in taking photos then we went back to the hotel where we had stored our luggage in preparation for spending the night at Paris CDG and flying out very early the next day.

We walked from the hotel to the Pompidou Centre. The Centre had a good collection of architectural displays as well as more normal art by Picasso, Otto Dix (one of my fascinations),  Kandinsky, Warhol and others.

Some startling work by the Russian Yakov Chernikhov.

For our trip to the airport we got a mad taxi driver. He was non-French, maybe middle eastern. He certainly didn't like a particular Turkish truck driver on the way to the airport and generally didn't like the other "slower" drivers in their French cars. He was quite proud of how powerful his Mercedes was and showed us by overtaking others (on the inside) in the small streets of Paris!

We stayed at the Ibis CDG. Luckily the connection to Terminal 3 is only a short walk from the hotel across a road. We did a reconnoiter in the evening in preparation for leaving Saturday.

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