Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quai Branly

Did a lot of file sorting in the morning and then Uschi and I decided to go to the Quai Branly today. It opens at 11:00 and so we waited in a small cafe “Le Deux Abeille” (the two bees). The cafe is the front two rooms of an old house and the furniture appears old, antique, not shabby, and the walls in the front room where we had breakfast were covered in a flower patterned fabric. Unusual in that it isn't glued directly to the wall, it is stretched like a carpet as it has some “spring” in it like there is padding underneath. Unfortunately I ordered the”CEP Omlette” which had mushroom in it, although the egg part was nice.

After the Museum Quai Branly we were just in time to get something before the chef left the Cafe Branly, adjacent the museum. I had a very nice “peasants” onion soup. Sadly my watch is not working anymore as the 12 marker came free of the face and is jamming the hands. I won't be able to repair it until back in Adelaide. Now I need to find a shop which sells cheap watches and maybe a torch for the catacombs.

At the Cafe Branly we are within a very short distance of the Eiffel Tower but didn't go there, rather chose the Museum of Modern Art, across the river from the Quai Branly. We stayed there until closing time and visited the Matisse Salle with the large mural Dance II. The Museum is a big building, but there is not a matching quantity of art on display. What is on display is very good though, one room was filled with works by Dufy which was also being used as the room for an art class for a group of about 8 year olds. 

Dufy: Maison et Jardin

After the gallery we looked in at ?? Tokyo, part of the same building. We caught the Metro back to near the hotel, where I found a watch shop only three doors up from the hotel. I bought a (comparatively) cheap watch and as we left I noticed another watch shop, only two doors from the hotel, the watches were probably cheaper in there!

I was looking for a torch and the lady from the first watch shop directed us to 71 Montourgueil, a little hardware shop. The torch was a bit more expensive than I had expected (about 20E) but I bought it anyway, ready for the catacombs if we manage to get there.

After that Uschi and I went to a restaurant called “Le Marie Stuart”, where Uschi had fish and chips while I had a “chicken supreme” which was chicken in a curry sauce with rice. Uschi was trying out her secret camera watch in the cafe.

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