Saturday, March 15, 2014

To Austria

On Saturday morning we caught the Niki flight from CDG to Vienna. At Vienna we picked up a Sixt hire car, a BMW Series One, to drive to Thoerl. On our way there I got a little lost and missed the turn off to Bruck as the BMW GPS was difficult to set up and it seemed to want to send us through Graz to get to Aflenz. We did about 40 km before realising the error and backtracking. 

When we got to Thoerl we booked in at Gradwohl which is a set of apartments in Aflenz. The one we got had been upgraded recently but somewhat roughly. In the evening we went to Mitzi's where the H's were due to arrive. Franziska had to attend an official dinner so they never left Vienna till later. 

Mitzi was a bit vaguer than I remember her and she seems forgetful as well.
The wind had been blowing strongly and took the door off the woodshed before we got there. I picked up some of the glass, but the door itself was rotten.

When the H's arrived Franziska was in a fluster as they only got there about 17:30 and the Billa closes at 18:00 on a Saturday. Franziska had to do all the week's shopping for Mitzi in half an hour so they went out again. Karin G was roped in as well. When Franziska got back she made a meal of Kasekrainer and Oberkrainer. Unfortunately for her sense of cooking the Oberkrainer was a “spicy” non traditional type. Even though it was made locally it upset Franziska's plan to present a traditional meal. The spicy sausages were OK anyway!

Afterwards we went back to Gradwohl's for an early night.

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