Friday, August 13, 2004

12/8/04 Gifhorn and Braunschweig

<- The power station at the Volkswagen plant at Wolfsberg. Built in the 1930s.

At Ralf's place I have breakfast, including vegemite left from some long forgotten glider pilot and then Ralf drives me to Braunschweig airport where he works for the LBA. I know the Akaflieg Braunschweig, a research group who build experimental gliders, is also here so I wander up to see them.
The best laid plans…
The whole group is off flying somewhere else while their workshops are renovated. But I meet one lone student called Oliver who tells me about the technology they are using to build aircraft at the moment and also shows me bits of the SB14 and the new 15. I then catch a bus into Braunschweig proper where I look around the main part of town and call back to Australia while I am in a toy shop. As I have been pretty good with money so far I go to a car hire place and get a little Peugot 206 for the last couple of days. I go back to the LBA to say goodbye to Ralf and buy him some dinner but he already has eaten. He advises that there is a good aircraft museum in Hannover so I put that on my itinerary. I am planning to get to Zeigenhain tonight to stay with the Akaflieg Frankfurt and Sabine.

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