Sunday, August 15, 2004

14/8/04 Narita 5:12 PM

At Narita Airport again. I got on the plane at Frankfurt Friday night and flew 10.5 hours to arrive in Japan at 1500 local time. Robbed of about seven chronological hours and only got about 2 hours sleep. Not nearly as interesting a trip as the flight over, due to it being mainly in the dark. A couple of hours after leaving Frankfurt I saw the lights of a large Russian city, St Petersberg I think. The stewardesses play at window police in an effort to let people sleep.
However, I did see some movies on the flight “Hell Boy”, “Bridgette Jones Diary”, “Starsky and Hutch” and a Japanese one about some boys who didn`t want a haircut. I
probably won`t have any left for the Sydney flight now.
Very hot in Tokyo. 30 degrees and very steamy. I was only in the heat for a
little while when getting off the plane. As there is only six hours wait on the ground I can’t do a whole lot, so spend time sending emails. Sadly I lost them twice before I worked out their system. Even in the airconditioned airport it gets quite sticky when moving around, but it is pleasant enough typing at the internet cafe. Also had a curry and rice at one of the restaurants. Not really immersing in the local cuisine this time either. I board again at 20:50 and we are in the air half an hour later.

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