Saturday, August 14, 2004

13/8/04 Marburg to Frankfurt.

Finally we have to push on to Frankfurt where I have to catch the plane out. Sabine wants to take me to some of the museums, but time has run out. We do have a little time though so she takes me through the city itself rather than on the ring road around it. I get to see (from the car) some of the museums and galleries as well as the Max Plank Institute where Sabine studied previously. Half hearted promises are made to come back so Sabine can show me the sights properly next time.
So we drop the car off at the airport depot and find our way to the correct terminal. I say my goodbyes to Sabine who tells me she will get the bus home. I find out later that she stays and watches the aeroplanes for a while too.
I had repacked my bag so I could get my toiletries out at Tokyo for a clean up. As I go through the metal detector the nice man asks me to discard my best pair of scissors. Doh, I can’t even get them back to Sabine because I am in the secure area now. I suppose someone ended up with them.
While waiting to board I can see the television monitors and the Olympics opening ceremony has begun. I see the Australians marching round the stadium. Just as I am boarding the aircraft I see the German team enter the stadium.
Pushback is at 21:14 local time and it is getting dark because of the clouds and spots of rain. In almost exactly 11 hours I will be touching down in Tokyo.

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