Saturday, August 14, 2004

13/8/04 Ziegenhain, Amoeneberg and Marburg

Up in the morning and hopeful of one last flight in Germany but it was not to be. Rain and low cloud put a finish to that.
I have to get on the plane to go home this afternoon and Sabine kindly offers to take me to the airport. She leaves her own car at Ziegenhain at some inconvenience to herself and we go in the rented Peugot.
As it is a non flying day Sabine promises to take me to see some castles and we head out for a little place called Amoeneberg. Strange to a flat earth Australian, this little town is built on a hill which rises up out of the plain. The streets seem to go up at nearly 45 degrees to a cathedral and ruined castle at the top. I think Amoeneberg is a monastery or similar, but language difficulties make it hard to find out for sure.
We also stop off at Marburg. Sabine worked here for a while and says that it always rains due to the geography. That is certainly true today. Marburg has a castle also, but more in the lines of a Schloss than the fortress type at Amoeneberg. Once again, we drive up the winding narrow cobbled roads which are found in the old part of the town near the Schloss. The roads are so narrow that when a motor bike coming down the hill meets us going up, we both have to stop and find a part of road which is completely clear of bins or parked cars, so we have enough room to let each other through.
We and many other tourists wander round the Schloss, but aren’t allowed in. During a particularly heavy downpour, Sabine and I go into a “Camera Obscura”, a little cabin arrangement with a lens that projects an image from outside onto a screen. The man inside seems a bit disappointed when he finds out we have only ducked in out of the rain, but he gives us his tourist lecture to his two captive audience anyway. We later go to the old commercial part of town where we get dinner. It looks like a student run bar/restaurant but the building itself is 400+ years old.

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