Monday, August 16, 2004

15/8/04 Australia

Touch down in Sydney 07:30 local. Unlike the trip out when I virtually ran from one plane to another, I have a few hours to wait here before my trip to Adelaide. But, the clearance through customs takes ages. I end up in a line which stretches from the room where people are processed, through all the service corridors and winding nether regions of the airport. The line must be easily 100m long. Worst of all when it comes my turn at the desk I think I have lost a piece of paperwork which would require me to go and get another from some distant part of the airport. Luckily I do find it in the end and continue on my merry way to the departure lounge for Adelaide.
I sit reading in the lounge. Early on in the trip I managed to break one of the arms on the glasses I took with me. I have been carrying round the broken arm for the whole trip, It is only when I am on the flight back to Adelaide I realise that it is missing. They remained behind somewhere, in the departure lounge at Sydney.
I haven’t been able to sleep very much. Since Friday morning (it is now Sunday morning) even allowing for the loss of 8 or so hours I have only had about 4 hours sleep. Now on the way back to Adelaide, I am listening to a couple of chaps going to a dentistry seminar by the sounds. I nod off and only wake up as we get to Adelaide.I sleep for the rest of the day and night. Ever the optimist I front up for work on Monday, but am so tired I nearly fall asleep driving home. I take a few more days off and sleep a bit more. Back home again.

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