Wednesday, July 12, 2006

11/7/2006 - FF

I spent yesterday (Monday) trying to get around to museums and places of interest, but sadly most places are closed on Mondays.

However, I went to Goethe's house (but he wasn't in).

Soccer is dying down over here, but even yesterday morning there were people wandering the streets shouting "italia", I even got a picture of the rubbish bin men with an Italian flag on their truck.

I spent a lot of yesterday on my feet, I woke up at 0400 (still on Australian time!) and went to try to organise a car to drive to France (that will be 480 Euro, I think I might be on the train instead!)

I bought a day pass for the public transport and then went to a part of FF called the Roemerberg. I think it had something to do with government (apart from being an old restored area). The Rathaus is there and an old church which was used (I think) for a parliamentary building in the past. There are also a lot of churches there.

The church is Alte Nikolaikirche (old Nicholas' Church), I spent the rest of the day walking around looking for places that might be open and walking along the river
(Main). They had sideshows and a live broadcast of the world cup final by the river, so there was a lot of packing up of tents and stalls and stages etc going on.

Shades of Terry Pratchett Dwarves, I also found a Hammer museum! It was above a shoe shop not far from my hotel.

At 1800 Sabine met me and we went for more walks to the Alte Oper (Old Opera House) through some gardens and to a new skyscraper called the Main Tower (I don't think it is the "most important" tower, I think it is named after the river).

We went for more walks along the river then we went to FF university to see if we could use the observatory. Sabine has the keys but they was no one to ask and we didn't want to use the observatory without permission, so Sabine will ask today. So we might be able to sneak in tonight and use their telescopes!

We went to a little village part of FF called Alt Ginnheim and had tea there. Although it was a German restaurant it only seemed to serve Chekoslovakian or "international" food. So I had a meat patty thing, I can't remember the name of. Because it was so warm we sat in the garden (along with most of the patrons).

It has been 30+ here.

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