Monday, July 24, 2006

23/7/2006 - Vinon, some more

It is Sunday and I have been to the town market this morning. A lot of the market was cheap foreign tat. I looked for some presents for the kids but couldn’t find much. Plenty of ladies clothes and just about any sort of food but no real good French souvenirs.

The town is called Vinon sur Verdon. Of course, Vinon on the Verdon river. The weather has been pretty hot which can sometimes lead to very strong thunderstorms in the evening. Luckily it isn’t like Australia and the nights are cool.

As there wasn’t a huge lot of interest in the Market I walked up to the old part of the village. There is a very summery feel and I have a very strong impression of the place being like Quorn. I know that sounds a bit weird, but the older part of town has no cars (the streets are too small) and all the buildings are stone but haven’t been looked after for a few years. I even found a window which had been closed up with flattened oil drums. But everything is expensive. I was looking at a real estate office and the cheapest place I found was 140 000 Euros. It was a combined lounge/kitchen, a bedroom and a small garage. No mention of a bathroom and I suspect it might not have had one in the flat itself. Normal small houses are 300 000 E.

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