Saturday, July 22, 2006

21/7/2006 - A bit more Vinon

It is quite hot here. Mid 30's today and forecast high 30's tomorrow. But it cools down at night so it is not too bad.

It doesn't get dark till about 9:30 at night so it is not like when I was in France last year. This area is also very dry.

I went for a fly yesterday near the mountains and saw the Grand Canyon of the Verdon. It flows into Lake Sainte Croix. There are lots of small villages built on the cliffs in the area. The Verdon river runs down a valley to where the aerodrome is. There are lots of normal (newish) towns in the valley. The village near the airfield is almost all new houses built for tourists but Mandy and Peter are staying in a bed and breakfast which is converted old stone farm buildings. Their place is called le Clappe.

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