Saturday, July 08, 2006

8/7/2006 - On my way again

Landed at Changi (Singapore)
Hot and humid.
Couldn't see anything from the plane cos the air was somisty and murky.
Spent a long time finding my transfer point to catch the KLMflight. Changi is Bigger than Kuala Lumpur but it is all one straight line (not in a ring like KL) so it takes about 20+ minutes to walk from one end to the other.
I will be leaving again in about 2 hours for Amsterdam, then a short flight to Frankfurt. I will be in FF 10am Sunday their time (about 1900 SA time)

I saw "Pink Panther" on the flight. The place that was
supposed to be Cluseau's house was down the road from the
MIJE from my 2005 trip!
In one shot you can clearly see it and the chapel that
was across the road. Coincidences abound!

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