Wednesday, July 12, 2006

11/7/2006 - Frankfurt Hotel (City West)

The hotel is in an unusual district. The building across the
road is empty on all floors except the ground which has a
few entertainment places. Most of the ground floor
establishments in this block are taken up with bars or
“video centers” which seem to boast 300 different
videos, but I noticed they don’t seem to have the latest
Hollywood movies. There are also quite a few places which
appear to have ladies gymnastics clubs, although I
couldn’t read the signs. It appears that chaps, if they
want to, are allowed to go in and watch, but. I couldn’t
work out why the ladies wear so little. Probably because it
is summer and very hot, I suppose. There is usually a very
friendly guy at the door of these places, I suppose to keep
fellows with low morals out. They are so friendly that I was
almost pushed into the gymnasiums to see the show (on three
separate occasions). The nice man even said that I
wouldn’t have to pay the cover charge. Whatever that is.
Next door to the empty building there is also a place which
has lovely red curtains. At night time they are lit up which
gives the whole front of the building a lovely pink glow.
But it’s a little odd. It is called the “Sex Inn”, I
think that’s German for number 6 and there might be
another five somewhere else. But only blokes seem to go in
there. Probably tired after a days work and need a quick
rest I should think. Even during the middle of the day too.
The fellows seem to walk along in a determined straight line
then at the last minute duck into the doorway. Probably only
deciding they need a rest as they see the door and taking
the opportunity at the last moment. I haven’t seen any
ladies go in though. They probably aren’t allowed, it
would most likely lead to too much boisterousness.
The photo shows my hotel (my room is 5th floor. The leftmost
window at the top). You can also see “Babalu Bar” and
“Star Star”, one of those movie places. Also on the
corner next to “Star Star” is one of those gymnasium
thingies, but it is hard to see in the picture.
I am told by my friend Sabine, that this area is one of the
safest in the whole of Frankfurt due to the high
concentration of police. Isn’t that nice of them to patrol
this area specially :-)

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