Monday, July 10, 2006

9/7/2006 Arrive in Frankfurt

In FF at an internet cafe now. The hotel I booked because
they said they had wireless internet. Now I find it is
broken, so NBG.

It is quite warm here about 1530 local time and about
midnight Sunday in Australia. I got to the hotel and had a shower
and slept for another hour or so and I feel quite reasonable
now. I got some good sleep on the plane which helped a lot,
normally it is near impossible. The old granny next to me
was from Brisbane on her way to London for a nursing
conference, she was some sort of teacher from a Qld uni.

Resting for the remainder of the day and will look around FF
properly in the next few days. Then off to France, but I will
stay at a couple of places on the way. Most likely Freiberg.

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